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If making music is your passion now is to choose our School



Basic Courses and Preparatory Courses AFAM
in agreement with the

Licinio Refice of Frosinone Music Conservatory

The School has stipulated an agreement with the "Licinio Refice" State Music Conservatory of Frosinone aimed at the professional training of young students in the phase preceding the Higher Education.

The Convention provides for the creation of Basic Courses useful for students to obtain the skills to be admitted to the Preparatory Courses of the L. Refice Conservatory and also to other national or foreign institutions as a certification for the recognition of training credits.
For the Schools of Jazz and Popular Music, the Convention foresees beyond the Basic Courses also the realization of AFAM Preparatory Courses useful to obtain the students the competences to be admitted to the courses Bachelor's Degree (AFAM Triennium, Higher Artistic and Musical Training) of the L. Refice Conservatory and also at other national or foreign institutions as a certification for the recognition of training credits. read (Italian)...


since 1994 School of Music in Rome

The School of Music, active since 1994, is open to students of all ages.
The School is characterized by seriousness and commitment, both for their organization and for the quality of teaching.
Teaching is entrusted to teachers graduates in Conservatories and actively engaged in music as orchestral musicians, composers, soloists and conductors.
In the headquarters of Via Vallauri you find a space completely dedicated to music and the arts.
Equipment and instruments of all kinds in the spacious air-conditioned rooms and cozy where you can play individually or together with other fellow musicians.

La scelta di Viola

Individual lessons of 60 minutes or group lessons and workshops where to share their experiences and skills.
Starting today, the school put in the path Base collective lesson Literacy Musical : a course designed to develop an ear for music, good reading any score and deepen their sense of rhythm.
In addition, the path has been enhanced with additional courses such as Ear Training , History of Music and elements of Harmony .

Every student can follow a core curriculum for the instrument and singing with a suitable path to any previous preparation and then continue over time with more and more detailed studies.
Each teacher will recommend the best route with the opportunity to prepare for the entrance examination at the Conservatory.
Every year we try new ideas and new proposals in order to satisfy any request.

You can study all type of instrument.
Among the many opportunities we have except to propose the study of Fingerstyle Guitar, of ' Harmonica diatonic / chromatic and preparatory to Children Voice.
The study of the Chapman Stick makes us the first school of music in Italy to take an interest in this particular instrument.
There are also the special courses where you can learn specific topics about music and the various options.
Come and visit us in the Monteverde Nuovo headquarters where, without any obligation, you can try our professionalism.
The trial lesson is totally free .

End of Year Concerts 2017 - Watch Videos on YouTube

Who we are

Musica e Arte A.C.

Our Association is dedicated since 1994 to the teaching of music and the concert.

The School of Music offers instrument and singing courses for all levels and ages:
courses for students who wish to study music with professional goals (three to seven years of frequency) then graduated from the Conservatory
and courses or classes for students who want to face instead studied music for passion or delight.

The Association organizes preparatory courses in primary and elementary schools in Rome to spread and promote the musical knowledge and encourage social gathering.
Always for 22 years, the Association is dedicated to the production and realization of cultural events related to music and musical theater.
All initiatives are often oriented to the proposal of new and unpublished "works" commissioned to young authors and performers to foster and promote the diffusion of contemporary music.
The most significant initiatives:
Piccola Orchestra '900 - founded in 1998 - Organic chamber formed by musicians with an average age of no more than thirty years;
Cantiere Musica - from 2003 - 11 editions of a festival that offers contemporary music, opera, dance, musical theater, jazz, ethnic etc .;
MeA of International Composition Competition - from 2005 - 8 editions held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome;
Roma Soundtrack Competition - 4th editions of the international competition dedicated to the music applied to the image;
Musical Theatre - over 10 productions with original and unpublished texts and live music.

logo concerts


In 1998 the Association founded the Piccola Orchestra '900, chamber ensemble formed by musicians with an average age of no more than thirty years, with a repertoire that ranges from the historical avant-garde to the first performances of contemporary composers.
The annual event Cantiere Musica that Association produces since 2003 involving composers, conductors, performers and operators, with the aim of communicating their experiences, experiments and research in order to show the vitality and dynamism of Music, understood as a great resource socio-cultural.
The International MeA Composition Contest
and the Roma Soundtrack Competition, an international competition dedicated to music applied to the image, complete the activities that the Association plays in order to contribute to the growth of opportunities to offer at young composers and performers.
The Musical Theatre that combines drama and music is another interest of the Association. In 2011 start a "specialization" dedicated to a young audience, from 4 to 12 years, with use both elements of puppetry (puppets and marionettes) and interactive forms and playful.

To date, the Association has carried out over 300 concerts and 50 theater performances collaborating with institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, the City of Rome, the Lazio Region, the Province of Rome, Municipio Roma XII and XIII, numerous municipalities in Lazio, the towns of Florence and Turin and Rai Radio Three, Radio Città Futura.


Roma Italy - Via Tommaso Vallauri 19 (Colli Portuensi)

+39 06 58209051


Open from Monday to Friday from 2 PM to 9 PM
Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM


emanuela petitti



nicolo ferrara


Administrative Director

simone veccia


Music Director

luca ferrara


Music for Children

Musica e Arte A.C. - Roma Italy Via Tommaso Vallauri 19 - +39 06 58209051 - - info@musicaearte.it