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Concorso di Composizione MeA
IX Edizione

Musica e Arte announces the IX Edition of the MeA International Composition Competition.
The deadline to participate is June 13, 2022.
The IX Edition concerns compositions for Instrumental Ensemble lasting a maximum of 7 minutes.
Read the regulation with the modalities of participation.


Musica e Arte Cultural Association announces the 9th Edition of MUSICA E ARTE COMPOSITION CONTEST IX Edition
The “Musica e Arte Composition Contest” is an INTERNATIONAL Competition OPEN TO ALL.
There is not any age or nationality limitation.
Each Composer can submit one score only to the Contest.
The application fee to the Contest is of 50.00 EURO (FIFTY/00).
The 9th Edition of the Competition is for instrumental ensemble.
The works shall be unpublished, never awarded any prize, and with maximum timing of 7 (seven) minutes.

One Transverse flute
One Clarinet (B flat or A)
One Trumpet
One Piano
One Violin
One Cello
One Double Bass
Percussion: (one player) multi-set
Xylophone, Toms (2/3), Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals, Triangle, Tambourine, Bongos, Congas, Djembé, Timbales, Wood blocks, Tam Tam, Guiro, Maracas.

In order to facilitate the organization of the orchestra every Applicant must use all the instruments or parts indicated in the list written above.

In order to enrol you must submit the Application Fee of 50.00 (fifty) euros by money order to:
Associazione Culturale Musica e Arte Banca del Fucino Agenzia G
Bank account n. 230131
IBAN: IT53 A031 2403 2170 0000 0230 131

specifying as payment cause “Enrolment to the 9th Edition of MeA Composition Contest”.

All the following material must be sent ONLINE via the site www.musicaearte.it:
a) the score, size A4 [pdf file]
b) completely filled out application form [online]
c) a copy of a valid I.D. [jpg file]
d) receipt of application fee payment (50.00 Euro) [jpg file]
e) Curriculum Vitae (max 1000 digits, spaces included) [word/rtf/txt file]
f) a short text explanation about the Composition (max 1000 digits spaces included) [word/rtf/txt file]

The complete documentation, in Italian or English, must be sent within midnight of the

June 13, 2022

ONLINE or with E-MAIL at concorso@musicaearte.it.
The Composers of the SIX scores selected as finalists will be contacted by e-mail or phone.

Then, they must send the following material:
a) extracted parts in A4 page size as well as the full score in A3 size for the Conductor written with Finale or Sibelius software [pdf file]
b) a photo with 300 dpi resolution [jpg or tiff file].
These items must be sent ONLINE or by E-MAIL within midnight of the

June 23, 2022

The materials sent for the Contest won’t be returned, and will remain in Association’s archive.
Since the premiere of a new composition is a moment of great responsibility, the Composers selected as finalists will be invited to the rehearsals as to work-out, with Conductor, in order to make a good execution.

All travel expenses are responsibility of the finalists to the Contest. The rehearsals will take place in Rome, Italy.
The final performance will respect the following schedule:

Sunday 17 JULY 2022
Within the event “Bravetta Music Fest” 1st Edition
Rome Italy Chiostro del Buon Pastore

The SIX finalist’ works will be performed by the “Ninehundred Ensemble”, conductor Simone Veccia.

Juries of the 9th Edition will be the following:
Sergio Colicchio – Composer
Giorgio Scardino – Composer
Simone Veccia – Orchestra Conductor

The winning work of the Competition will be chosen by the Jury and the author will receive as a prize a copy of
Arturia’s V Collection 8 software (Plug in Audio and Effects).

For any further information please contact Musica e Arte Cultural Association at:

phone +39 06 58209051 - E-mail: concorso@musicaearte.it

All Documentation can be downloaded on www.musicaearte.it

Musica e Arte Associazione Culturale
Rome – Italy, March 2022

LINK to download Announcement, Registration Form and sending documents