Third Edizione

The Finalists

The finalists of the 3rd Edition

Sunday 31 January 2010 9.00 P.M.
Roma, Teatro Vascello (via G. Carini 78)
Serata Finale del Concorso

The event is realized with the support of the

comune di roma

With the Patrocinio of:


consiglio provinciale

Municipio Roma XVI

Jean Paul Cornelis

The Winner of the 3rd Edition: Jean Paul Cornelis - Ghent, Belgium
(all photos are by Valerio Carosi - Copyright © Valerio Carosi)

Cornelis e Maltese

Jean Paul Cornelis and Cristina Maltese ( Municipal Councilor and Chairman of the Culture Committee of the Municipio Roma XVI )


Massimiliano Bigazzi - Treviso. Italy


Mauro Bortolani - Pordenone, Italy


Francesco Cardone - Rionero in Vulture, Italy

Di Cocco

Fabio Di Cocco - Roma, Italy

Bigazzi e Luzietti

Massimiliano Bigazzi and Fabio Luzietti

De Camillis e Bigazzi

Enzo De Camillis (juror) and Massimiliano Bigazzi

Russo e Bortolani

Esper Russo (juror) and Mauro Bortolani

Scardino e Cardone

Giorgio Scardino (juror) and Francesco Cardone

Ferrara e Cornelis

Luca Ferrara (juror) and Jean Paul Cornelis

Veccia e Di Cocco

Simone Veccia (juror) and Fabio Di Cocco

Fabio Luzietti

Fabio Luzietti, the conductor of the final

The finalists of the trird edition are:

The International Contest Roma Soundtrack Competition regards the music applied at the video.
For the Third Edition was chosen a video realised by Carlo Ghioni, a young Italian-Canadian director.

The International Competition tries to promote the creativeness of young authors in a specific sector.


MUSICA E ARTE Cultural Association announces the


The third Edition of the Contest regards a soundtrack of a video by CARLO GHIONI, a young Italian-Canadian director.
The duration of the video is about 9,00 minutes.

There is not any age or nationality limitation.

Each Composer can submit one score only to the Contest.

There is a 50 EUROS entrance-fee (fifty/00) to participate in the Contest.

The DEADLINE for the application form is the 10th OF NOVEMBER 2009.

The Contest’s winner will receive Euros 1,000 (one thousand). In case of ex-aequo the money award will be shared among the winners.

The place of the Contest is Rome, Italy.

The participants have to compose an unpublished musical work never performed or released before.

If the works include text it shall be original or free by copyright, permission, and translation royalties.

The amount of royalties, permission and recording’s costs of their works (including musicians collaborations and authorization to publish the works on Internet) are at participants’ own expense.

To join the Competition the Applicants have to pay the entrance-fee (50 EUROS) banking transaction to:

Associazione Culturale Musica e Arte
Banca del Fucino filiale G
Piazza Fonteiana 18 Roma - Italia
Conto Corrente Bancario n. 230131
Code ABI: 3124
Code CAB: 3217
Code CIN: A
IBAN: IT53 A031 2403 2170 0000 0230 131

Specifying as the reason of the transaction: “Iscrizione alla III Edizione di Roma Soundtrack Competition”

The Applicants have to fax or mail, and e-mail (WITHIN THE 10 OF NOVEMBER 2009) a copy of the transaction receipt, the enrolment form (it is attached to this document) and a photocopy of a personal document. The address are the following:


Every participant will receive the video, DOWNLOADED ONLINE, in MPEG or MOV format (PAL).

The video, realized by Carlo Ghioni, is property of the author who kindly allowed the use for the Contest. The video (or a part of it) can’t be use for different purposes. Any other public performance or a copying the video are strictly prohibited.

Within the 10 OF JANUARY 2010 every participant will send via mail the following material:

This material must be sent to:
Associazione Culturale Musica e Arte
Via Cosimo Giustini 9
00151 Roma Italia

The materials sent for the Contest won’t be returned, and will remain in Association’s archive.

A Jury will examine participants’ works and will decide five finalist soundtracks.

The Jury that will select the finalists of the Contest is composed by:

Jury’s verdicts are unappealable.

The Composers of the works selected as finalists will be contacted by phone, fax or e-mail. They will be invited to join the Contest’s final that will be held in Rome (Vascello Theatre at 9.00 p.m.) the 31th of JANUARY 2010.

The whole cost of the journey (overnight stay included) is at participants’ own expense.

Final works will be published on Musica e Arte website, so people can vote their favourite work: the work that will receive higher vote will gain a single vote that will be added to Jury’s final vote.

During the final show final works will be shown in public and the Jury of the Competition will vote the winner.

The Jury can also decide not to award any Work or to award more than one. In that case the winners will be considered as ex-aequo.

The Jury that will nominate the winner of the Contest is composed by:

Jury’s verdicts are unappealable.

The Organization can substitute, if needed, Juries’ members .

Any dispute will be submitted to the Jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.

For any further information please contact Musica e Arte Cultural Association at:
Tel./Fax: +39 06 58209051

All the material can be downloaded from the website: www.

Musica e Arte Cultural Association Rome, June 2009


Carlo Ghioni

Carlo GhioniCarlo Ghioni wrote and directed dramas and documentaries.
It comes from the chamber outlet, through which he worked for more than 10 years, primarily as steadicam.
Technology and Research are its interest.
Carlo teaches North American screenplay style at the VRMMP of Turin, Italy and teaches documentary technique at the Zelig School of Bolzano and screen play for animation at the National School of Cinema di Chieri (Italy).
Born in Italy, Carlo Ghioni working mainly in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.