Second Edition

Luca Petrolo e Emiliano D'Onofrio

The winners are Emiliano D'Onofrio and Luca Cosimo Petrolo

30th of November 2008 9.00 p.m.
Roma, Vascello Theatre (via G. Carini 75)
Free entry
Contest Final


Giuliano Bartolomeo
Giuliano Bartolomeo - Napoli 1987

Domenico Famoso
Domenico Famoso - Messina 1984

Luca Petrolo
Luca Cosimo Petrolo - Torino 1979


Emiliano D'Onofrio
Emiliano D'Onofrio - Roma 1972

Simone Figorilli
Simone Figorilli - Roma 1981

The Jury:

Valerio Carosi
Valerio Carosi - Director of the video

Maurizio Parri
Maurizio Parri - Composer

Giorgio Scardino
Giorgio Scardino - Composer


Giancarlo Nanni
Giancarlo Nanni - author and director

Michele Piersanti
Michele Piersanti - Composer

and other:

The cast of "Colorblind"

D'Onofrio, Antonio Ferrara e Giorgio Scardino
D'Onofrio, Antonio Ferrara, Giorgio scardino

i vincitori con la Presidente di Musica e Arte
The winners with Emanuela Petitti


i finalisti

Emanuela Petitti
Emanuela Petitti - Musica e Arte president

The International Contest Roma Soundtrack Competition regards the music applied at the video.
For the Second Edition was chosen a video realised by Valerio Carosi, a young Italian photographer and artist that tells, so original and very personal, artistic and creative component present in all peaple, perhaps at only unconscious or dreamy level.

The International Competition tries to promote the creativeness of young authors in a specific sector.

With the Patrocinio of the Presidenza del Consiglio Provinciale di Roma
Provincia di Roma