- Rome Italy -Theatre Vascello - 7th of October 2007 -

The Competition is sponsored by the Comune of Roma and by the Municipio Roma XVI

with the Support of the Regione Lazio
Provincia di Roma
Japan Embassy in Italy

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First Edition

The winners of the first Edition are:
Joao Pedro Oliveira and Riccardo Viola

The vote of the Internet Jury is for Joao Pedro Oliveira

I Vincitori
Riccardo Viola and Fabio Bellini (Municipio Roma XVI President)
(© photo by Valerio Carosi)

I Vincitori
Joao Pedro Oliveira

Sunday 7th of October 2007

Rome (Italy) - Theatre Vascello (via G. Carini 75)

The final of the Contest

I Vincitori
Vittorio Mezza, Julian Scordato, Valerio D'Anna and Riccardo Viola
(© photo by Valerio Carosi)

the six finalist
for the first Edition

Valerio D'Anna - Isola Del Liri (Frosinone Italy) 1978

Valerio D'Anna

Oscar Del Barba - Brescia (Italy)- 1968

Oscar Del Barba

Vittorio Mezza - Maddaloni (Caserta Italy) - 1976

Vittorio Mezza

Joao Pedro Oliveira - Lisbona (Portugal) - 1959

Joao Pedro Oliveira

Julian Scordato - Pordenone (Italy)- 1985

Julian Scordato

Riccardo Viola - Roma (Italy) - 1976

Riccardo Viola

The first Edition of the Roma Soundtrack Competition

The Contest has as Sponsor the Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali del Comune di Roma and the Municipio Roma XVI
and has the support of the Regione Lazio, the Provincia di Roma and the Japan Embassy in Italy.

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At the first Edition participated 70 applicants.
The average age for the applicants results 37 and the their place are:
24 works (34%) middle Italy
17 works (24%) north Italy
16 works (23%) south Italy
5 works (7%) Italy isles
8 works (11%) by Belgium, Germany, Holland, Portugal, United States, Switzerland and Hungary

Among the reached works The Jury selected Six finalists were shown during the final at the presence of the public and the Jury of the Contest.
The choices of the Jury and the online Popular Vote (the six works are been published on internet) decided the winning works.

The Jury of the first Edition

maurizio gabrieli Maurizio Gabrieli (President) Composer and Professor of Composition at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome (© photo by Valerio Carosi)

giancanco nanni Giancarlo Nanni Author and theatre director (© photo by Valerio Carosi)

nicola savarese Nicola Savarese Professor of Discipline dello Spettacolo at Roma Tre University (© photo by Valerio Carosi)

giorgio scardino Giorgio Scardino Composer (© photo by Valerio Carosi)

Takagi Masakatsu

Takagi Masakatsu Takagi Masakatsu is a visual artist and musician whose work knows no aesthetic borders. He has presented video installations and performed live at art spaces around the world. He also produces music videos, as well as music for commercials and film. He has toured with musician and remix artist David Sylvian. In 2006, Bloomy Girls, a visual book with his video arts collection, was released. Res magazine named him one of the 2006 RES 10, an annual selection of emerging artists who will influence the worlds of film, video, design, advertising, music, and media art in the upcoming year and beyond.
Born in 1979, Takagi lives and works in Kyoto, Japan