Cantiere Musica 2015

Cantiere Musica

Cantiere Musica 2015 - from March to June 2015
Museo Nazionale degli Strumenti Musicali - Roma
Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 9a

The XI edition of Cantiere Musica takes place in Rome at the National Museum of Musical Instruments from March to June 2015. The event has the patronage of the Municipio Roma I. All happening are at 6,30 PM with entrance on reservation and free contribution. Reservations at phone 06 58209051.

Sunday 8 March 6,30 PM

Una dedica al femminile

with Cicco Bimbo and Billie Boom

Nuna e Roberto

They come from a mysterious planet, catapulted on this earth, play and sing good music.
Cicca Bimbo chameleon-like voice and Billie Boom who strikes it Stick with an unmistakable sound, make covers and songs from their writings something really original!
The concert of 'March 8 will be devoted entirely to the whole "music literature" feminine and propose a world tour in tribute to the greatest performers.

Sunday 22 March 6,30 PM

Reading & Music

with Giobbe - readings Giorgio Ghiotti

Giobbe e Giorgio Ghiotti

Giobbe is a young singer who knows how to express in a poetic language and spontaneous, all the conflicts and emotions of the boys of his age.
During this concert features some of his songs from his album "Blue penuts" and also offers unpublished.
Reading by Giorgio Ghiotti with readings from "God played football" of 2013 (1994 Campiello Prize Young 2012, edited by Knight Bus necklace young Einaudi-Bompiani)

Sunday 12 April 6,30 PM

Let it Beatles

with Nuna Shoesmith voice and Roberto Fiorucci stick
Chorus MeA

Coro MeA

They invented the 'beat', were, along with Bob Dylan, the fathers of rock, have written some of the most beautiful and famous songs of the last century, have helped make 'visible' young, established new rules clothing and life, they did grow hair in a generation, they have changed some rules of our lives, and much, much more.
all with a dozen albums, all passed into history, and in less than ten years, between 1962 and 1970. With A revolutionary decade from many points of view, as they were revolutionaries the Beatles.
Song after song, album after album, one told by Nuna Shoesmith and Roberto Fiorucci, together with the "MeA Choir", in Let It Beatles, is the extraordinary story of a band that changed the world.

Sunday 26 April 6,30 PM

Linguaggi musicali dal '900 ad oggi

Piccola Orchestra '900 conductor Simone Veccia

music by B. Bartok, E. Satie, B. Evans, F. Zappa and, in first esecution, by Carla Rebora

Orchestra e Carla Rebora

.. A refined sound research in the belief that music is the art form that has always lends itself to investigate the multiplicity of our lives ...

Sunday 10 May 6,30 PM

Piano Solo

with Michele Pentrella

Michele Pentrella

The triumph of the piano in the Romantic age: monograph dedicated to Fryderyk Chopin.

Sunday 24 May 6,30 PM

Luca Ferrara in concert

with Luca Ferrara

Luca Ferrara

Fingerstyle guitar is, at the same time, an almost impossible challenge and ultimate pleasure for those who dedicate themselves.
Fingerstyle guitarist to be a pianist, drummer, singer and guitarist ..., all at once.
But what is the joy when, overcome the enormous difficulties, guitarist realizes worth, alone, as a band!
is what will demonstrate, Luca Ferrara on the evening dedicated to the guitar played with fingers , with a repertoire that will range from country to bluegrass, jazz arrangements of the Popsong, up to original compositions, demonstrating the endless rainbow of solo guitar ... but well together!

Sunday 7 June 6,30 PM

Reading & Music

with Akira Manera - readings Alexandra Censi

Akira Manera e Alexandra Censi

Since 2011, Akira Manera is the protagonist of the Roman music scene.
The meeting with the singer Nuna Shoesmith gives the duo a number of opportunities that lead to the release of their album, "Acoustic Remedy".
For this concert present, along with the "MeA Choir", a repertoire of American Gospel music.
Reading by ALEXANDRA CENSI with readings from "The laughter of the monsters" of 2013. (1990, edited by Knight Bus necklace young Einaudi-Bompiani) -

Entrance on reservation and free contribution.
Reservations at phone 06 58209051

Cantiere Musica

Cantiere Musica

Cantiere Musica is a cultural project involving composers, interpreters and operators, with the aim of communicating their experiences, experiments and research in order to show the vitality and dynamism of the music.
The opportunity to expose each other's paths consists of events conducted annually organized by the Association since 2003, with concerts and initiatives that are both at the show is the fact that offers music as a great resource socio-cultural.
The project is characterized by few but essential concepts that move around a specific artistic direction, oriented repertoire that encompasses much of the music of ‘900 and the proposal new and unpublished compositions, on commission, who aims to support the creative activity and research of young composers.
The contamination between genres of music: classical music, ethno, jazz, fingerstyle, musical theater, opera and other is dictated by the "artistic curiosity" of all operators and employees of the Association.
In recent events we have included performances of "drama and music" and open with great force, a large "project page" dedicated to classical music.
The style of “Cantiere Musica” is intimate and informal with original and unusual ensembles.